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Thursday, September 3, 2015

15 year passing-Anniversary of My Father

Passing of loved ones has become part of my life.  Today, September 3, 2015 marks the 15th year anniversary of my Father's passing in 2000. 

My parents divorced when I was going into 6th grade, 11 years old.  I know that I loved my Dad, but I was happy when my parents divorced.  My Dad was what I hear now-a-days referred to as the "absentee parent".   My Mom pretty much did it all with us and for us.   I really wish things were different with our relationship, but it really never was. 

There were some memories that I have of him that I think of fondly.  We had a very very large backyard and we had a little tiny walnut tree in the back where my Dad had a garden and then fenced in an area around the walnut tree and we raised a pig named "Charlie" and he also had an old bathtub that was filled with dirt and everyone in the neighborhood brought over there vegetable scraps to put in the worm tub and then they got worms from him to go fishing.  I guess this was a lesson of composting for me when I was young.  He also canned some great pickles that I wish I could get the recipe from his wife.  And then we went every year to Del Mar Race Track for family vacation which consisted of him at the races and us with my Mom at the pools or around San Diego.  Santa Anita Race track was another place.  And always a drink in the hand.  So mixed reviews on the memories.

I will say, that when my son became about 8 years old, he loved my Dad, and I feel that he was a good grandparent to Matthew.  I am sorry that my Dad did suffer through a heart attack and then cancer and that was extremely difficult for him.   He passed away at a young age too.  Rest in Peace Dad....8/1/1942 - 9/3/2000.  He was 58 years old and today would be 73 years old.      

My family when I was about 7 years old

My Dad & his brother

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